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Patient handoff software that works where and when you need it to

  • Works on any device – completely responsive

  • Cloud-based: connect worldwide from hospital, clinic, home or travel

  • All features work on mobile, tablet and desktop including EMR integration

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer from IE7 to current (Some functions limited on IE7 & IE8)

  • Safari

Charge Capture is Easy

Capture Billing Codes, ICD10 Codes, Provider and more. Anything that might help you correctly assign charges can be captured and reported on or downloaded.

You can grant access to personnel from billing or other departments to pull data and report.

e-Handoff is Highly Customizable to ANY Workflow

Track what you need to track for your team, easy to change

Your Team, Your Patients, Your Workflow

We realize that every medical organization, group and team has its own specific needs and priorities regarding the patient handoff process. With this in mind, e-Handoff is designed to allow users to easily organize information in a manner best suited to the specific needs of your program and its signout requirements. It’s a fully customizable patient handoff software.

Some of These Features Include

  • Accessibility through any browser enabled device including iPad, Tablets, PCs and Smart phones
  • Customizable input screens to allow for a large selection of pre-defined and user defined fields
  • Color code high priority patients through customized patient color codes
  • Share information between multiple medical specialties and teams
  • Choose how long you want patient data to remain available to users
  • Customizable lists and reports allowing you to easily choose which patient data fields you want to view and print

All of these features and capabilities are supported by our 24/7 customer support team with additional support from our custom programmers to work one on one to create specialized input screens, specialized calculating fields, and custom lists and reports. e-Handoff is the patient handoff software that you’ve been looking for.

e-Handoff is on FHIR!

We’re in the Epic App Orchard… More FHIR Apps Coming Soon!

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources): the Modern Way to Integrate

Revolutionize your patienty safety with e-Handoff

Available FHIR Integration

e-Handoff in Epic App Orchard
Revolutionize your patienty safety with e-Handoff

FHIR Integrations Coming Soon!

e-Handoff is on FHIR!

Most modern EHRs will soon integrate easily with e-Handoff using a web method called FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a new, international standard for exchanging electronic healthcare information, that replaces cumbersome and inefficient legacy data exchanges. FHIR is based on HL7 standards which all hospitals use, but is an improved version. FHIR is highly flexible, requires much less IT involvement and uses the same modern web architecture that companies such as Amazon, Google, and Twitter use to let other entities interact with their services.

If your EHR supports FHIR, e-Handoff can easily pull in your patients’ realtime data, and display it side-by-side with your customized workflow narratives in e-Handoff. When changes are made in your EHR that affect FHIR resources, they will be automatically updated in e-Handoff.

Pulling data from your EHR saves clinicians’ time by avoiding redundant data entry, integrating patient data from multiple areas (clinical, diagnostics, medications, workflow) , and reducing typographical errors often seen with manual patient data entry.

FHIR lets different entities: hospitals, clinics, labs, and applications such as e-Handoff, easily share and transfer patient information.

FHIR brings healthcare technology into the present day, as it uses the same modern web architecture used by applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, to let clinicians integrate, request, and transfer their patients’ data, independent of where it is stored or created.

FHIR is highly secure and HIPAA-compliant, as it defines who can access patient information,and only gives clinicians the patient information they want, AND are allowed to access, making it much more efficient and secure than legacy methods. When e-Handoff accesses your patients’ EHR records on your behalf, we use two-factor authentication at both the organization level and the user level via a very secure and web-standard method called Oauth2, to satisfy your EHRs security.

FHIR was developed to solve healthcare communication problems by making data more portable, accessible and interoperable. In the United States, most EHR vendors support FHIR in the latest versions of their platforms, to meet government-required interoperability standards.

FHIR integration with your EHR usually requires much less effort on the part of your IT department, and because of its efficiency, is less costly to integrate than traditional back-end methods.

FHIR is pretty awesome!

My EHR is Too Old and Doesn’t Support FHIR!

We feel your pain! Bringing ingrained systems into the modern era can be difficult and daunting, when your primary goal is taking care of critically ill people. e-Handoff does support some legacy EHRs via back-end HL7 message transmissions. We can accept realtime patient data from your institution based on predetermined modules (e.g. ADT, Labs, Medications). Once imported, a patient record will be updated as new information is sent from the institution. EHR integration happens securely because we set up a VPN (virtual private network) tunnel between our protected servers and your institution. This tunnel can only be accessed by the institution and e-Handoff. This method requires a close partnership with your IT department, and is more costly and complicated than FHIR integration.

Contact us for more information and pricing on EHR integration

Specialties & Custom Templates Available

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Complex Workflows Become Simple With e-Handoff's Drag & Drop Tool

e-Handoff is highly customizable, at an organizational, program or even team level. e-Handoff makes it easy to get the customizability you need, and you have admin control in case your requirements change. Just drag and drop fields to where you want them. Surgery has a different workflow from Medicine. OB/GYN needs to track blood type and PPD status. Family Medicine needs a general medicine layout, a VA layout and an OB layout.

Our unique software lets you pick what to place on your screen from hundreds of pre-defined fields. Don’t see a field you need? That’s OK, it’s easy to define your own custom fields and place them where you need them. Field types include text, dates, number, free text, check boxes, radio buttons and select lists. You can even choose default data to put in your fields (e.g. nkda in Allergies), or make a particular field required..

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