What Everyone is Saying

The e-Handoff software is user friendly and fast for data entry. Our residents’ sign outs are now more organized thanks to e-Handoff. We were able to implement ICD coding and IPASS Study Group formats allowing the sign out process to flow easier.

One of the most amazing features is that we are able to review previous entries since all of our patient information is archived. This saves a great deal of time when we get a return patient to a service or even when we have to reference the information for any other reason.

The Wright Center, Family Medicine & Internal Medicine Programs

EMR reports are cumbersome and difficult and it’s hard to get resident documentation, e.g. for consults, to match back to the attending. We would miss all of that hospital billing because they never remember to give me this information.

Billing Manager, Family Medicine, OUHSC

We prefer to use the e-Handoff application … as it is the most accurate system that we’ve come across.

Director of Strategy & Innovation, Stepenson Cancer Center, OUHSC

Anytime I create a support ticket, the Help Desk responds immediately, usually within the hour. The information they provide gives me quick answers so I can solve the problem myself. Alternately, they offer webinars so as to show me how to resolve my issue on my own, under their expert tutelage. I love the service this company provides!

Children’s MH Program Manager, California

Everyone at e-Handoff has been very helpful during our implementation period.

Sr. Administrative Specialist, Alabama

The help desk is very helpful when there is a problem and gets it taken care of within a normal time frame.

Biller, Texas

Great customer service. Don’t stop helping until the problem gets resolved.

Residency Coordinator, South Carolina

Five stars. Two thumbs up. A million thanks.

Mental Health Office Manager, Florida