Our Solution – Highly Customizable

WeHandoff is Highly Customizable to Any Workflow
Your Team, Your Patients, Your Workflow

We realize that every medical organization, group and team has its own specific needs and priorities regarding the patient handoff process. With this in mind, e-Handoff is designed to allow users to easily organize information in a manner best suited to the specific needs of your program and its signout requirements. It’s a fully customizable patient handoff software.

Some of our features include:

Accessibility through any browser enabled device including iPad, Tablets, PCs and Smart phones.
Customizable input screens to allow for a large selection of pre-defined and user defined fields
Color code high priority patients through customized patient color codes

Share information between multiple medical specialties and teams
Choose how long you want patient data to remain available to users
Customizable lists and reports allowing you to easily choose which patient data fields you want to view and print

All of these features and capabilities are supported by our 24/7 customer support team with additional support from our custom programmers to work one on one to create specialized input screens, specialized calculating fields, and custom lists and reports. e-Handoff is the patient handoff software that you’ve been looking for.

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