eHandoff is now WeHandoff
March 10, 2019

eHandoff is in the process of changing its brand to “Wehandoff”, to have a more inclusive audience, maintaining the same level of service, and care that has delivered all these years. Wonderful changes and additions to its application are on the way, thank you all for your support.

Jocelyn Munroe, Owner

Unstructured Handoffs Cost Billions
September 13, 2013

Better coordination of patient transfers among care sites, clinical workers and the community could save money and improve the quality of care.

The term care transition describes a continuous process in which a patient’s care shifts from being provided in one setting of care to another, such as from a hospital to a patient’s home or to a skilled nursing facility and sometimes back to the hospital.

Poorly managed transitions can diminish health and increase costs. Researchers have estimated that inadequate care coordination, including inadequate management of care transitions, was responsible for $25 to $45 billion in wasteful spending in 2011 through avoidable complications and unnecessary hospital readmissions.

For years, health policy experts have identified poor care transitions as a major contributor to poor quality and waste.

Health Affairs Health Policy Brief